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Ready made Mattresses
These mattresses come in standard sizes of Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King

Made to order
If one of our standard mattresses is not suitable, we can make a mattress to your specifications. We can construct your mattress to size, using a range of foams from basic economy to premium ten year guaranteed foam(including latex), and incorporating convoluted overlays if desired. Special mattresses can be made from several different layers to cater for back problems, or even made with totally different halves to suit different weights etc. We also specialise in Boat and Caravan mattresses made to fit ‘peculiar’ shapes. Have talk to us and see what we can do for you.


The ultimate in comfort, latex mattresses are made from pure natural latex and come with a 10 year guarantee. This can be covered in a plain cotton cover or superb damask quilted cover. Made in standard sizes, latex mattresses can also be made to order.

Latex Pillows
A range of latex pillows are available in varying heights and shapes.


Floral Envelope (FE)
This is the most economical range of mattresses. They come covered in a functional cotton cover, in standard thickness of 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm. There is a choice of standard grade and high density foam


Envirotherapy Mattresses

The Envirotherapy mattress is 150mm thick and has a layer of high density foam with a high density convoluted overlay on either side, all enclosed in a quilted cover. It comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Convoluted overlays
Commonly known as ‘egg shell overlays’, convoluted overlays are made of foam and are generally used to soften a mattress. At FRI, convoluted overlays come in three
Grades of foam, 23-130 which is a standard foam, 28-80 which is a high density, soft foam and 36-100 which is a premium grade foam. These are available in standard bed sizes or can be made to order.
Latex Overlays
For that extra bit of luxurious comfort, you can’t go past latex overlays. While latex overlays come in a standard thickness of 50mm, and standard bed sizes up to queen size, they are also available made to order in any size.
Swag Mattresses
Swag mattresses are available in a very high density 38-200 foam, 32mm thick, 2000mm long in 750mm, 900mm & 1200mm wide, with a zip off cotton cover. Swag mattress inserts can also be made to order, please ask for more information.
Scatter Cushions
Poly-fibre scatter cushion inserts are available from 35cm to 75cm square or can be ordered to size.

We stock bolsters in 16-100 foam, 150mm and 230mm diameters for decorative uses. Other foam and other sizes are available on request.

We stock foam wedges in 27-180 (firm) & 28-80 (soft) grade foams.

MATTRESS UNDERLAY ACS 10 solves the problem of damp matresses on boats, in caravans etc. a constant problem where ventilation is poor and relative humidity high as bunk cushions or mattresses lie directly on benches.

Mouldy, wet bed sheets
Dampness & wet condensation under mattress and cushions.
Mould stains and unpleasant odour smells.

Longer life-span of mattresses and cushions.

Comfortable sleeping ambiance by allowing warm air to circulate and evaporate any moisture that might form..

During the night the body loses through the skin and through breathing, approximately half a litre of liquid. Part of this will be absorbed by the mattress, which if laid on wood, plastic or similar base will limit evaporation and thus lead to staining of the mattress or cushion, as well as creating an unpleasant smell.

Wood, steel and plastics and practically impenetrable, so all moisture just accumulates under or in the mattress itself.

ACS 10 MATTRESS UNDERLAY is unaffected by humidity, does not absorb water and will not rot. Placed between the mattress and the base, it provides the means for circulation of the air and so the mattress will stay dry.

ACS 10 is a German made spun polymer that is raschel knitted into an open configuration. This ensures it will never unravel or pull apart. This is firm but lightweight and flexible. ACS 10 will outlast the life of your mattress!

ACS 10 is strong and soft, an upper protection sheet is not necessary, so there is no odour to wash out.



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